Ever After Updated Policies During Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

These policies have been written in accordance to the government guidelines for the safe return to work for close contact services. These are effective immediately  & until further notice. If required they can be changed at any time to comply with the law, the government requirements or Ever After management if we see fit to ensure maximum safety for our staff & clients.

Our staff & clients will be required to adhere to our policies at all times. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the premises so we can maintain safety for all others within our salons.

Client Policies

We will be contacting clients prior to your appointments to run through a few brief questions regarding health & a checklist for before arriving at the salon.

Questions you can expect to be asked:

Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

 Do you have a high temperature?

Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

If you answer yes to any of these questions we will reschedule your appointment.

If you feel unwell prior to your appointment please contact us with as much notice as possible.

On arrival a member of our team will ask you a few questions again regarding your current health, your temperature will be taken with an automatic non contact thermometer & recorded on your account. If you display a temperature of 38C or above we will have to reschedule your appointment. (please note this information is held safely & compliant with GDPR) you will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

We have automatic hand sanitising stations throughout both salons for staff & clients to use.

Please be aware of social distancing, the government have reduced this to 1m from the 4th of July but where possible please try to keep a 2m distance.


Our industry is considered close contact & of course we work very closely with out clients. Our staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE to mitigate the risks.

The opening up of the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. We are required to assist this service by keeping a temporary record of clients and visitors for 21 days. This could help contain clusters or outbreaks.

We have had to review how many people can be within the salons at any time & unfortunately we cannot permit anyone who is not booked in. This includes family, friends, children etc.

Please only bring essentials with you into the salon. We cannot store items safely for you so please only bring a small bag & jacket if necessary.

Staff cannot take your coat for you & we cannot hang jackets together. A member of our team will show you where to place your belongings. These will remain your responsibility at all times. We will not be held responsible for any personal items on the premises.

We will be operating an appointment only system.

Please where possible book your appointments online at www.EverAfterMK.co.uk or call the salon on 01908 613353.

Both Clients & Staff will be required to wear face masks which cover the mouth & nose. Please bring your own masks if possible. If you do not have one on arrival we will have some available to purchase but we cannot at this stage permit anyone during their treatment to not be wearing a face covering.

If you are having nail or beauty appointments we ask that you do not have out your mobile phones at any point. These can harbour germs & bacteria & each time you touch a personal item your hands can become contaminated.

Where possible please pay via a contactless means. We do not have a limit on apple pay. The current limit on contactless card transactions is £45.

Due to restrictions we will not be able to provide some of the services you are used to as part of your experience. These include but are not limited to some of our drinks menu, magazines, some therapies.

Please bring your own drinks where possible in a sealed cup/container.

Food will not be permitted to be eaten on the premises.

We have had to remove part of our waiting area to reduce bodies in the salons, please do not arrive early as we will not be able to accommodate you within the salon prior to your treatment.

Please bear with us, this is new to us all! Our stylists, therapists & practitioners are having to work in a whole new way so initially this may take some tweaking & getting used to. If we do run behind slightly we will call you & ask that you wait in your car or away from the salon & we will let you know when we are able to bring you in.

Staff & Salon Policies

All staff have been on a minimum of 3 courses during lockdown to gain additional knowledge on the safe return to work. Dermalogica Clean Touch. Barbicide Sterilisation Training & Barbicide Covid19 Certification.

We have extended our timings for some treatments where needed to allow for additional cleaning & sterilising times. Some of our pricing has had a small increase due to the changes we have had to make.

In our industry cleanliness is always paramount. We will not only continue to maintain the exceptional standard of cleanliness but we have upped our protocols to ensure maximum standards during this unprecedented time & circumstances.

We will have posters displaying guidance whilst within the salon.

All work stations & equipment will be thoroughly cleaned following the correct procedures to maintain a sterile environment between every client.

In some areas we will have replaced items with single use products.

Towels, blankets & gowns etc will be used one per client & then cleaned on a high temperature wash to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Staff will change PPE in accordance with government guidelines. PPE will include gloves, masks, aprons & visors where appropriate.

Staff will as always wash hands between every client interaction.

Screens have been installed where appropriate through the salons.

Where possible staff will leave the salon during their breaks. Food must be eaten off site or in the staff room only.

Staff are required to wear fresh clothing to work each day & advised not to wear the same clothing in public or within their homes.

Staff are asked to only bring in essentials. A small bag only. All bags must be stored away safely in the staff room.

We will be taking every step possible to ensure your safety but you must understand that having a close contact service cannot be 100% safe. If you have been shielding or are vulnerable due to your own health please consider this before booking. All clients must take responsibility for their own health & safety. Likewise if you think you could have come into contact with the virus please follow the government advice to self isolate for the recommended timeframe set by the government & the NHS.