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LED Light Therapy

What to Expect

Your practitioner will choose the best colour therapy for your skin concerns. These can effectively diminish wrinkles and sagginess, reduced acne, shrink pores, improve oily skin, enhance and tighten the skin, as a result of achieving smoother, even toned, improved elasticity of your skin.

How it works


But what is exactly the principle of LED Photon Therapy?

 It is the strong intense pulsed light that works with the skin tissue to produce light and heat effect and photochemical effect. Firstly, this effect will make a realignment of the deep collagen fiber and the elasticity fiber to restore the elasticity, meantime, it helps to enhance the vein tissue function, eliminate the facial wrinkles, shrink pores. Secondly, the intense pulsed light is able to penetrate the skin and be absorbed selectively by the pigment group and veins among the tissue, which freeze the blood, break down the pigment group and pigment cell without breaking the normal skin, so as to achieve the effect of treating blood capillary expansion and melanin spots. 

LED Colours and their benefits

Red Light: 640nm (Red Wavelength)

Skin penetration depth: 1-6mm

Effect: Skin cell regeneration, repairing acne spot and scars, easing pains, skin whitening, enhancing skin elasticity.

Blue Light: 423nm (Blue Wavelength)

Skin penetration depth: 1-2nm

Effect: Acne removal, eliminating pigment precipitation, inhibition of sebaceous gland, smoothing allergic skin.


Green Light: 532nm (Green Wavelength)

Skin penetration depth: 0.5-2nm

Effect: Skin balance function, reducing grease gland excitation, stabilization, application of sensitive skin.